Fashion Retail

Drive footfall into store

Adding Rezolve SafeZone to your mobile app you can use GeoZones and other 'triggers' to engage with your consumers via their mobile devices allowing for promotion, engagement and payment

  • Transform long lines into extra engagement opportunities

  • Provide exclusive offers to customers waiting outside your store with scannable posters and geo-targeted promotions

  • Your customers can start shopping before they enter the store, thus cutting down the time spent in-store

  • Capture the attention of passing trade with special offers, promotions.

  • Alert local audiences to new stock lines or deliveries.

  • Generate in-store traffic by promoting store competitions, store activities e.g. celebrity appearances, book signings, beauty demonstrations.

  • Alert local customers to one off lines, limited editions

  • Fast checkout – reduce personal contact.

  • Not in your size? Place an order for delivery or collect in-store.

  • Create “shoppable” windows, point of sale & in-store displays.

  • Rezolve enable your in-store digital & audio marketing.

Safe Shopping with Rezolve SafeZone

Adding Rezolve SafeZone technology to your mobile app is easy and can be deployed in just a matter of days. Get in touch now to get started.


If you don't have your own mobile app, don't worry, just tell your customers to download the Rezolve Shop Beautiful app from any mobile app store from end May 2020.

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