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Drive footfall into venues

Adding Rezolve SafeZone to your mobile app allows you to use GeoZones and other 'triggers' to engage with your consumers via their mobile devices allowing for promotion, engagement and payment

  • Transform long lines into extra engagement opportunities

  • Provide exclusive offers to customers waiting outside your venue with scannable posters and geo-targeted promotions

  • Your customers can buy tickets and merchandise before they enter the venue, thus cutting down the time spent when inside

  • Promote events, exhibitions and activities at museums, sites of interest and tourist attractions.

  • Provide customers in proximity with capacity details, waiting times or offer special pricing during quieter periods e.g. close to closing times.

  • Provide customers with a direct opportunity to respond (Act), sign-up to upcoming events, offers and promotions.

  • Alert on space availability in car parks and local car parking destinations.

  • Create interactive in house media, digital & audio marketing in venues and foyers.

  • Faster ticketing, issue and pre-order with collection. Reduces queues and increases time in venues for additional sales in venues.

  • Rezolve enabled media, digital & audio in venues and foyers.

Safe Shopping with Rezolve SafeZone

Adding Rezolve SafeZone technology to your mobile app is easy and can be deployed in just a matter of days. Get in touch now to get started.


If you don't have your own mobile app, don't worry, just tell your customers to download the Rezolve Shop Beautiful app from any mobile app store starting end May 2020.

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