Get your business trading again

Rezolve SafeZone brings customers back to your business, gets you trading again and protects your workforce

Rezolve SafeZone allows you to connect anytime and anywhere with your customers. The service supports merchants with and those without their own digital platform.

Adding the Rezolve SafeZone code to your existing mobile application takes just a couple of days and your employees and your customers can enjoy the benefits immediately.

If you don't have your own mobile app, don't worry. Just tell your customers to download the Rezolve Shop Beautiful app from the Apple or Android App stores.

Rezolve SafeZone allows your customers to:​

  • Be informed about stock availability, promotions and opening times

  • Preorder and buy from you for collection or home delivery

Rezolve SafeZone allows you to:

  • Get actively in touch with your existing and future customers by using proximity location services to deliver targeted offers 

  • Avoid queues by managing customer volume 

  • Transform your advertising into a digital marketing launch pad

Rezolve SafeZone keeps your employees safe and:

  • allows you to control customer volume in your store and venue

SafeZone for Employees

Employees need protecting. SafeZone allows your employees to keep a safe distance from your customers whilst still providing the excellent service they expect

SafeZone for Customers

Customers want to shop safely and with SafeZone they are able to shop confidently using their mobile devices whilst still experiencing the vibrancy of the high street

Get your business trading again

Social distancing is here to stay and according to a recent Harvard University Study, will stay through 2022 (

SafeZone is a 'must have' solution to ensure your retail continuity. Customers need substantial incentives and the feeling of security to return to the high street.   


Outside or Inside your company, your business is just one SafeZone trigger away from a new customer engagement.

No initial investment is needed to use our advanced retail technology and be part of a growing community

Let's get started 

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Shop Beautiful

Rezolve SafeZone turns any mobile device into an instant engagement tool – discover and purchase goods & services, provide personal details in response to advertising, buy tickets and do your weekly shop – all with a single scan and a tap. Rezolve SafeZone is provided as a Software Development Kit (SDK) which is added into your own mobile apps allowing your consumers to instantly engage with the world.

Rezolve SafeZone transforms the way we shop and buy by turning any mobile into an instant engagement tool


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